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If your little one isn't sleeping, you're on a roller coaster of sleepless nights and tear-filled days with some good moments in-between!


Are you ready to leap off the roller coaster and land on cloud 9?



If your baby isn’t sleeping,

you have 3 choices:


  • Continue to pray and hope that your baby will outgrow it and magically start sleeping through the night (even though studies show that 80% of babies with sleep problems in infancy still have those same sleep issues 3-5 years later!) 5 years is way too long to go without sleep, don’t you think?

  • Drive yourself crazy reading every blog, book, and article ever written about baby sleep until your brain is drowning in sleep tips. Try bits and pieces from everything you’ve read and finally give up in desperation thinking that your baby just won’t sleep.

  • Get a fool-proof plan that even the most dazed and confused, sleep-deprived parents can follow that 100% guarantees your baby will be sleeping through the night* in less than a week (and taking good naps every day soon after).

*for babies 6 months and older. For 3-6 month olds, I promise that they will be waking up no more than 1-2 times a night and sleeping through the night as soon as they’re developmentally ready. Sound good?

The choice is yours!

What'll it be?

Ready for cloud 9?

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Success Story

“ I’ve learned a lot about what is appropriate to expect from babies in terms of sleep and I feel much more prepared to handle Everett’s sleep habits as they evolve as he gets older.


It was a great experience to be able to ask for help, receive it and not have to blindly stumble through this phase of parenthood with no clue.


I would recommend you to any parent who feels their child’s sleep habits have room for improvement. I don’t understand how people can literally go years with very little sleep when there is help available."


~ Brittany Gibeau, Victor, ID