Attention sleep-deprived, frustrated

and loving parents!

Are you ready to get your baby sleeping?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your baby is waking up multiple times a night and needs you to feed or rock her back to sleep.


  • You’re spending all day and night putting your baby to sleep. You feel trapped because you can’t get anything done when you’re constantly holding and soothing your baby.


  • You’ve tried everything you can think of to get your baby to sleep on his own and nothing is working.


  • ​You've tried to let your baby cry it out and it was too traumatic for both of you.


  • You’ve read countless books, blogs and opinions and you’re more confused than ever because they all say different things.

  • ​You're at your wit's end and you don't know what to do. You didn’t know motherhood would be so hard and exhausting.

What if you and your baby could both

get the peaceful sleep you need?



















  • Putting your baby down at bedtime and spending some time with your husband in the evening. Or taking a bath and reading a book. 


  • Looking forward to bedtime because you know that your baby will fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night.


  • Enjoying putting your baby down for long, restful naps so you can have some time to yourself and get stuff done.


  • ​Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and ready to start your day.


  • Being excited to be a mom and spend time with your happy, well-rested baby.


  • Knowing that you’ve made the best decision because your baby needs sleep to grow, learn and develop and you need sleep to be the best mom you can be.

Don’t go another night without sleep!

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Success Story

"Before we started working with Martha, Elliott needed to be rocked to sleep and put down in the bassinet or bouncy chair ever so carefully. Now, Elliott can put himself to sleep. Elliott is also just a happier baby. 

I would recommend your services 100% to every parent who wants to sleep again and who wants their little one rested and happier. It's absolutely worth every penny."

~ Heather DeVine, Jackson, WY

Guaranteed to get your baby sleeping great at night and taking long, restful naps during the day. Get all the support you need to get your baby sleeping like a baby plus a toolkit to guide you through all the sleep changes that will happen in your baby's first few years. This package includes:

  • Prep WorkYou will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines as the basis for you baby's best sleep plan. 

  • Your Baby's Best Sleep Plan: You'll receive a fully customized, step-by-step, easy to follow plan based on the answers to your questionnaire.

  • Confidence-Boosting Consultation: We’ll spend about an hour either in person or on the phone before you start the plan, talking about what to expect and how to get ready. We’ll go over the specifics of your Baby's Best Sleep Plan so you feel 100% confident starting the plan.

  • Fail-Proof Follow-up Support: The full transition to having a restful, energizing night’s sleep almost every night takes between one and two weeks (that’s it!). You’ll have support every step of the way for as long as you need me. We’ll be talking on the phone and emailing as much as you need while you implement the sleep plan. From the sleep log you fill out, I’ll be able to troubleshoot any issues that come up and recommend changes to ensure that the plan is successful.

  • Continued Sleep Success Toolkit: Once your baby becomes a Happy Little Camper graduate, you'll receive a toolkit with information about travel, daylight savings, nap transitions and pretty much everything you need to ensure your baby stays a good sleeper for the rest of his/her childhood! 

  • Bonus: Daycare/ Nanny Nap Plan

  • Bonus: Nap Troubleshooting Map

  • Bonus: Pro Tips Guides for Night Wakings, Early mornings, and more!

Investment: $500

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Baby's Best Sleep Package

Extra Support Options

Real-Time Text Support​

Text support at bedtime, during the night and for naps is available. Get peace of mind from the clear guidance you will get with this live support.

In-Home Support​

Have an expert in your home and by your side at bedtime or in the night, supporting you and your baby as he or she learns to sleep. Having this in-the-moment support means that we’ll be able to make changes in real time and ensures that the process will be as easy as possible for you and your baby.

Find out more about these extra support options during your free Baby Sleep Breakthrough call!