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Solve Your Picky Eater

Turn your picky eater into a healthy one

Is your child a picky eater?

Does he refuse to eat most foods? Does he only have 10 foods that he'll eat?


Is mealtime like being in battle? Are you cooking separate meals for everyone in your family?

Many toddlers and children are picky eaters. But they don't have to be. If your child isn't getting the nutrients he needs, it's time for a change.


Learn how to teach your child healthy eating habits that will encourage him to try new foods and eat something other than his favorite food every day. Get a step-by-step plan to teach your child to eat a variety of foods, snack without ruining dinner, and make good choices in a world filled with junk-food and temptation.

Let's get you out of the kitchen and having fun at the dinner table with your child!

Picky Eating Solutions

For children 12 months and up

  • Initial Assessment to find out what foods your child eats and your goals

  • One-on-one Consultation (60min.)

  • Healthy Habits Plan - step-by-step plan to gradually teach healthy eating habits

  • Follow-Up Support (one 15 minute call or short email conversation each week for four weeks)

  • Food Log & Information on child nutrition

  • Recipes, Tips, and More!


Investment: $399


Ready to get started?

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