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Your Baby's 1st Foods

Learn what to feed your baby so he's happy and healthy

Have you been told to feed your baby rice cereal for his first food? 

I hate to say it, but I don't recommend that your baby eat grains until he's at least a year old. And only 4% of the form of iron that's in the fortified rice cereal is absorbed by your baby. There are better choices!

So what should you feed your baby? In a nutshell, I recommend healthy fats, animal protein, and fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest. These foods are full of the vitamins and minerals your baby needs to grow big, strong, and smart.

The nutrient stores in mom's breastmilk start to diminish when baby is around 6 months old. Babies start eating solid foods around this time so they get the nutrients they need, especially iron and other minerals. 

Not only will I advise you what to feed your baby, I will tell you why I recommend each food. My advice is based on ancient wisdom and cultural traditions, not on our modern food production system.

Learn what foods to feed your baby so he grows to reach his full potential!

Baby's 1st Foods

For children 6-12 months 

  • One-on-one Consultation (60min.)

  • Baby's 1st Foods Plan - step-by-step plan to gradually introduce healthy foods

  • Follow-Up Support (one 15 minute call or short email conversation each week for four weeks)

  • Food Log & Information on child nutrition

  • Recipes, Tips, and More!


Investment: $399


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