Lots of people have questions about sleep training and their baby or child. Below are some common questions.


If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to contact me!

Why should I hire you when I can just read books and figure it out on my own?

There is so much information to read on sleep training that you could spend the entire first year of your baby’s life trying to make sense of it all. Also, I hate to break it to you, but many of the sleep books out there offer contradicting advice. It is hard to know what to follow! Then, there is the difficulty of applying it. I will make the sleep training process as easy as possible for you and your little one. By hiring me you are not only going to save yourself loads and loads of time, but you are also going to save yourself hours and hours of sleep. And sleep, as you know, is priceless.

Can I hire you if I don't live by you?

Of course! The initial 1-hour consultation can easily be done on the phone or Skype. My follow-ups are through phone and email.

Why is sleep so important?

What training do you have for sleep?

I am a certified Solve Your Sleep consultant through Dana Obleman. To become certified, I went through a 2-month intensive training and worked with 3 practice clients. Although I already knew plenty about sleep from being a baby and child sleep consultant, I learned even more about sleep and how to help adults sleep well. (It's way different than working with babies!)