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Most babies can sleep through the night at 3-6 months old

Is your baby waking up multiple times a night?

Do you dread the evenings and nights because you know your baby is going to be up all night and you just want to sleep?


You can be a parent and get the sleep you need!


As a sleep expert, I can show you how to get your baby to sleep. You will get a clear, step-by-step plan and lots of support to make the process as easy for you and your baby as possible.  


After working together, you will have a happy, well-rested baby. And you will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and excited to spend the day with your baby!

Infant Sleep Solutions

For babies 4-18 months

  • Preliminary Evaluation: You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines prior to our consultation so we can make the most of our time together. 

  • Private In-Home or Phone Consultation: 60-90 minute consultation, we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night wakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.  If we are in your home, I will also evaluate the sleep area and make recommendations.

  • Customized Sleep Plan: You will receive a customized sleep plan and sleep logs to track your baby's sleep.

  • Four Follow-up Telephone Calls: These follow-up calls will occur during our 2 weeks together following the consultation and typically last about 15 minutes.  We will use this time to refine the plan based on how things are going and to address any questions you may have.

  • Two Weeks of Daily E-mail Support: You will have my private email address to email me once a day during the 2 weeks beginning the day you implement your sleep plan. 

  • Happy Little Camper Goodbye Package: You will receive a graduation packet with information about travel, daylight savings, and more! 


Investment: $399

Ready to get started?


"When we first contacted you we felt overwhelmed with Everett’s sleep habits and were skeptical that a two week program would work. My biggest hesitation, however, was that the program would be too hard on Everett. 


Everett is now putting himself to sleep, usually without fuss, and consistently sleeps 4.5-7 hours at a time at night only waking 1-2 times to eat. 

I felt like you understood what we were going through and I liked that you were available to talk through email or on the phone whenever we had questions. I’ve learned a lot about what is appropriate to expect from babies in terms of sleep and I feel much more prepared to handle Everett’s sleep habits as they evolve as he gets older. It was also a great experience to be able to ask for help, receive it and not have to blindly stumble through this phase of parenthood with no clue. 


I would recommend you to any parent who feels their child’s sleep habits have room for improvement. I don’t understand how people can literally go years with very little sleep when there is help available."

~ Brittany Gibeau, Victor, ID

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