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Do you have a baby on the way? Are you worried about how little sleep you are going to get when your precious baby arrives?


Or do you have a newborn? Are you worried about his or her sleep? Or do you just want sleep to move in the right direction instead of the wrong one?


Do you want your baby to sleep through the night as soon as he or she is ready?


All babies are different! Some babies sleep great right from the start. But 20-30% of babies aren't great sleepers. It may their personality, or they may have colic, or their parents may be keeping them from learning healthy sleep habits. And research shows that these sleep problems persist for 3-5 years if their parents don't do anything about it.


Do you want to wake up every night for 3-5 years?  I didn't think so!


You can learn how to teach your baby how to be a great sleeper. And it's a skill he will use all of his life.


I can show you how to help your newborn develop healthy sleep. Of course your baby isn't ready for real "sleep training" at such a young age. But you can gently guide his sleep so that he starts sleeping longer and longer stretches. And then he will sleep through the night as soon as he's ready.

Newborn Sleep Solutions

For Expecting Families or Families with a newborn 0-3 months old.

  • One-on-one Consultation (30min.)

  • Newborn Sleep Plan - step-by-step plan for healthy sleep from the start. 

  • Follow-Up Support (one 10 minute call or short email conversation each week for six weeks)

  • Sleep Log & Information on early sleep needs 

  • The option to purchase two weeks of follow up support for a discount once your newborn is 12 weeks old.  


Investment: $149


Ready to get started?

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