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Sleep Better While Traveling

It's hard to sleep well when you're traveling with your baby! Unless you have the luxury of an extra room, many times you're sharing a room with your little one.

We started renting homes from Airbnb and VRBO when we went on vacation because it's usually only a little more expensive than a hotel room. And you can get an entire house with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen instead of just a hotel room.

But you cant always have the luxury of having 2 rooms when traveling. So I've shared a room (and a tent) with my son Parker many times over the past 2 1/2 years. Sometimes we stay in spare rooms at friends' houses. And we've stayed in our fair share of hotel rooms. And I never sleep as well as I do at home. And Parker usually sleeps pretty well but he almost always wakes up early. Too early.

Charleston trip

When we went to Charleston, S.C. last spring to meet up with some of my college friends, 3 of us shared a house. So Parker was in the same room as us. I usually cover the windows as much as possible. But the bedroom we were staying in had really high ceilings and windows. So it was impossible to block out all the light.

Parker usually sleeps until 7/7:30 am at home. But with the morning light coming in at 6am, that meant that he was up every morning at yep, you guessed it, 6am. And I wasn't going to bed at my usual 10pm because, you know, college reunion. So I'd be up until at least 10:30 :) And one night until 2am! So getting up at 6am hurt! Especially cause there was some drinking at this, ahem, college reunion. (Just a little.)

Which brings me to my point! There's a new product out that makes sharing a room with your baby so much easier. I wish I had this on my Charleston trip. And when we've stayed in hotel rooms. Really, I wish I had this the whole time Parker was a baby.

Introducing the SlumberPod

It's called the SlumberPod. And it's basically a breathable, blackout tent that goes over a pack and play or play yard. I got to test it out this past weekend. We didn't actually go anywhere. But I set it up in my office and let Parker play in it and pretend to sleep.

And I gotta say, it's awesome!*

Here’s what I like about it:

  • It was super easy to put together-it took around 2 minutes.

  • It folds up into a small bag so it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

  • It’s breathable and safe for your baby. And there are lots of vents you can open or close as needed.

  • It creates a separate space for your baby.

  • It blocks out the light and muffles sound-perfect for hotel rooms!

  • No more having to go to bed at 7pm when your baby does because you're sharing a hotel room.

  • Because it blocks out the light, it makes naps so much easier.


  • at $150 it's a little pricey (It's $140 with my discount code HAPPYLITTLECAMPER10!)

  • it's another thing to travel with when there's already so much to pack

But I think it's totally worth it if you travel fairly often. And you'll use it as long as your baby sleeps in a crib. (I recommend keeping your baby in a crib until he's at least 2 1/2 years old.) And a good night's sleep in priceless. Especially while traveling.

Why the SlumberPod helps your baby sleep better

  • It can block out almost 100% of light. And you can choose how much light to let in with the zipper.

  • It creates a barrier between you and your baby. This is important once babies are around 6 months old and they become more aware of their surroundings. If the first thing they see when they wake up is their favorite person, they might think it's play time. So I believe you can absolutely share a room with your baby. I just recommend some sort of a barrier once they're 6 months old. I used to recommend a sheet or a tapestry. Or many parents put their baby in the bathroom or the closet in hotel rooms. With the SlumberPod, you don't have to put your baby in the bathroom!

  • It gives baby his own space which he's hopefully used to having at home, too.

  • It makes it less likely that your baby will have a sleep regression from traveling. Because sharing a room is so hard with a baby, many parents end up co-sleeping or falling back on old sleep props while traveling. And then baby gets used to what happened while he was away. Which makes it's hard to break the bad habits when you get back home. The SlumberPod makes it so much easier to preserve your baby's sleep skills when you're away from home.

Parker testing out the SlumberPod

I'm excited to share this new product with you! Especially for those of you who travel a lot! Let me know if you have any questions about the SlumberPod.

And if you're interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon. Or order direct from their website and get $10 off your purchase!

*(Disclaimer: Even though I am an affiliate for this company, this is an unbiased review. I only recommend products I believe in. And I make a minimal amount of money if you buy it so I promise you, I'm not in it for the $.)

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