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There's no magic gadget that will get your baby to sleep. (Although many products make that claim!)


But I have a few favorite tools that I recommend. I'm an affiliate for some of these items but I believe in all of them.

sleeping baby
sleeping baby
sleeping baby
sleeping baby
sleeping baby
sleeping baby
sleeping baby
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This sleep sack has 2 lovey's sewn into that babies can use to self-soothe without the danger of suffocation. The Bitta sack also features a diagonal zipper to make diaper changes easy and lots of room for leg movement. 

Love to Dream has designed unique swaddles that feature wings that allow your baby to sleep in the arms up position. She can still use her hands to self-soothe, and the wings keep her reflex from startling her and prevent her from scratching her face. The Swaddle Up 50/50 works great for transitioning your baby from a swaddle to a sleep sack. The wings unzip so you can remove one arm and then the other. And then you have a snug-fitting sleep sack to keep her warm and cozy.

Now that my son is older, he wears the Aden and Anais classic sleeping bag. Although this sleep sack doesn't have great reviews on amazon, I've been really happy with the ones I've bought. They fit great, stay soft and keep him at just the right temp.

I bought this to take with us on our vacation to the beach. And I use it when we go camping. I love it so much, I use it when we're home, too, if I'm not using a fan in my son's room. It's small and light but loud enough to drown out outside noise. It uses a USB charger, but it holds a charge for a long time.

My son's early morning wake-ups disappeared when I introduced this clock to my son when he was 16 months old. You can set it to come on at whatever time you want. And you can choose how long it stays on. You can use it for naps, too! It's a great visual tool so toddlers know when it's ok to wake up

I recommend blackout curtains for all my clients, especially during the summer when there's so much daylight! 

These window covers block out 100% of light in my son's room! They're affordable and easy to install with sticky velcro strips. I also put a velcro strip halfway up the cover so I can open it halfway during the day if I want.

Want an easy way to get your child to listen? Use a timer! The timer can work for the bath, bedtime routine, and all kinds of play time. It's a great visual way for them to see how much time is left before transitioning to the next thing.

The Time Timer is available as an app on your phone or ipad, as a watch or as a stand-alone timer. 

The first portable sleep cover, the Slumber Pod goes over your baby''s pack and play or other portable crib. It blocks out the light and gives your baby a safe and secure place to sleep

Instead of putting your baby in the closet or bathroom, you can have her in the hotel room with you. She'll sleep great. And so will you!

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