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It was so easy and simple


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Theo was waking up 1-4 times a night at almost 15 months, and it was taking us almost 45 min to get him back to sleep each time he woke up. We desperately needed something to change.


Theo is now going to bed easily at night. It takes us two minutes to put him in bed and he usually falls asleep within the first two minutes he is in his crib. Theo will sleep through the night, and occasionally wakes once in the night, but will put himself back to sleep in a few minutes without needing us to check on him. He is also napping better at daycare.


You were easy going and followed through on everything you said you would do whether it was a phone call or email. I loved your travel tips and nap time tips. It was great that you focused on the big picture and not just nighttime sleep.


Yes, I would recommend you to others! We loved having someone give us a plan that we could easily implement. We didn’t second guess ourselves and were consistent with Theo’s sleep plan. It was so easy and simple. We only wish we had worked with you sooner. Letting Theo learn how to sleep on his own has been such a gift. I’m telling everyone I meet that they should hire you!

~Andrea Mazer, Jackson, WY

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Theo, 15 months


We often lay in bed thinking of how it used to be and are so thankful that it's over


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Before working with you, bedtime was taking upwards of two hours from starting the routine to falling asleep in his own bed. He was not falling asleep on his own, so we would stay in his room until he did only for him to come into our bed a few hours later. 


We weren’t sure it would it be worth the cost. We were also frustrated with ourselves for not being able to figure it out on our own. We were also apprehensive about how rigid we would need to be because we enjoy some degree of flexibility in our lives. We also wanted to handle the training as gently as possible-- avoiding "cry it out.

Our problems have been solved!! The sleep routine takes 30 minutes. He falls asleep on his own and stays in bed all night.


I like the results best about working with you! The steps were easy to follow, you understood the urgency of our situation with a new baby on the way, you acknowledged situations that need flexibility, it was personalized for our schedules, and the level of consultation between phone calls and emails was just right. 


I would recommend you in a heartbeat. To any parent struggling how we were, to the point that it impacted not just our quality of sleep, but also our relationship, this worked!!! It got us on the same page, it was manageable, and an approach we both agreed with and felt comfortable implementing. 


We would just like to thank you over and over! Having Brian's sleep managed before our new baby arrived has saved us a lot of stress and arguments! We often lay in bed thinking of how it used to be and are so thankful that it's over. You were wonderful :)

~Amy Weaver, Anchorage, Alaska

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Brian, 3 years


it has completely changed our lives


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Beth was waking several times during the night before working with Martha. She was also taking short catnaps for every nap. To put her to sleep we were bouncing her on the ball for 15+ minutes. Often she would wake up after 10 minutes and we would have to do it all again.


We wanted to make sure we were investing our money in something that would be effective. We also wanted to time it correctly so as to make it easier on Beth. 


Now she is only waking once during the night and her naps are all longer than an hour. She is putting herself to sleep completely independently. 


We really appreciated the detail of the plan. It helped us feel that we were prepared for every situation. It was also helpful to check in every few days and get our questions answered. We were really pleasantly surprised by the amount of information you ended our time together with. The information on traveling, nap transitions, etc. is really going to help us in the future. 


We would definitely recommend your services to anyone with a 4+ month old with sleep issues. We would recommend you because you were easy to work with, clear, and supportive. Not to mention we got excellent results!


We deeply appreciate your work with us. It has completely changed our lives and given us the space to be ourselves and be better parents. 

~Linda Lund, Broomfield, CO

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Beth, 5 months


Happy Little Camper Graduate


Jaymes, 4 months

It was so worth it!

Jaymes was a pretty good sleeper up until about 4 months old when he started waking up almost every 1-2 hours at night. The only way I could get him back to sleep was to nurse him until he fell back asleep and slowly place him back in his bassinet. During the day he would nap in his swing or by being carried and we really wanted to get him on more of a routine.


Having done a similar program with our first child, I was just fearful of the amount of crying we would have to endure. 


It was so worth it! Jaymes can now put himself to sleep for naps and at nighttime. He goes to bed between 7-8pm and wakes up for the day between 6-7am. When I lay him back down in his crib in the middle of the night he is happy and cooing and then falls off to sleep. His naps are consistent and easy as well. 


I loved that you were so flexible with what worked for our needs. For example, having a 3 year old meant that we couldn't be religious about doing every nap at home. So you helped us with a plan that allowed for having some of Jaymes' naps on the go. You also quickly spotted patterns. If we were having a difficult couple of days, you usually quickly pinpointed the reason and offered tips on how to overcome.


Yes, I'd definitely recommend your services to any new parents that are dealing with sleepless nights. I really don't know how we would have gotten through this without working with you.


We really appreciated the help and support. You know your stuff and it's so great to have a coach through this process!! Thanks Martha!

~Lisa Hansen, Victor, ID

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Jaymes, 4 months

Happy Little Camper Graduate

Declan, 6 months

since he's been getting better sleep, he's like a new baby

"A few weeks ago we needed to hire a baby sleep consultant which whom also happens to be my cousin.  


We had to hire her, because he would not sleep unless being held. I had been holding him while sleeping in a recliner for two months and for every nap since he had been born. I was getting no sleep.


Declan has come such a long way in the last couple weeks. He sleeps through the night (11-12 hours) now (without being held), without waking up for a feeding. Plus, he takes two long naps during the day. He’s getting a really good routine down.


Since he’s been getting better-regular sleep, he has been like a new baby. He is calmer and happier around others, when before, most of the time, he’d only let me hold him.


We are very proud of him and how quickly he has caught on. Now he will carry these sleeping skills for the rest of his life and should always be a good sleeper. Being a teacher, I know children thrive on routine and structure. I’m happy our Declan has so much of both in his life already.


(Please let me know if you are interested in her services, I HIGHLY recommend her.)"


~Miranda Lorence, ​Harper Woods, MI

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Cora, 3 years

we're glad we worked with you

"Before working with you, Cora was giving us a lot of trouble with going to bed and I was laying down with her to get her to go to sleep. She was also getting out of bed during the middle of the night.

We were hesitant about hiring you because we didn’t know if it would be worth the cost.

Now, Cora now goes to bed without any difficulty and almost always stays in bed all night. We don’t dread bedtime. And Cora is getting the amount of sleep she needs

I liked your simple approach, structured and consistent plan, and reliable communication.

I think anyone who is struggling with being consistent with bedtime and sticking with a routine that their child can count on can benefit from working with you. It helped hold us accountable to implement a successful plan.

You’re easy to work with and knowledgeable about kids’ sleeping issues. You got to know our family and created a plan that would work for us. We’re glad we worked with you - thanks!!!"


~Hilary Frenette, Jackson, WY

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Harrison, 18 months

now very easy to get him to sleep

"Before working with Martha, Harrison was waking up early in the morning and we were having difficulty with him falling asleep for his nap.


We were hesitant about someone else knowing what is best for our kid other than us.


Now, he consistently sleeps until 7:30/8:00am and nap time is very easy to get him to sleep.


Your approach and calmness makes you effective at what you do."


~Shawn Cripps, Jackson, WY

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Nora, 9 months

she goes to bed on her own

"Before I started working with you, my daughter was waking up at night and wanting to nurse.

I was skeptical about hiring you because I didn't think we could actually make it happen! Now she goes to bed on her own both at night and for naps and usually sleeps all night.

You made me feel like we were in this together and you really know what you're talking about! I get sleep now and I am inspired to be stricter with bedtime for all my kids ;)

You cater to particular situations, have great communication, are flexible and kind and successful! You are a pleasure to work with!"

~Amelia Mayer, Moose, WY

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Claire, 9 months

It's okay to ask for help!

Before I started working with Martha, my 9 month old was sleeping terribly. She was waking every 15-30 minutes all night long. I was nervous about trusting an outside source and I didn’t want to admit that I needed help as a parent.

Now my baby is sleeping 12 straight hours! She's getting the sleep she needs to develop, and I'm not a zombie anymore!

Martha was very personable, very easy to relate with and very understanding and kind. I feel happier and like a better parent!

YES, I would recommend your services. ! I've passed the word on to friends who are struggling with their kids as well.

I would say...just trust the expert. It took a lot for me to admit I didn't know what I was doing with getting my child to sleep, it hit my pride as a parent a little. But I've come to realize we don't have to know it ALL...and it's OKAY to ask for help! 

~ Lindzey Hollobaugh, Yellowstone NP, WY

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Elliott, 4 months

Elliot is also just a happier baby.

Before we started working with Martha, Elliott needed to be rocked to sleep and put down in the bassinet or bouncy chair ever so carefully. Sometimes he'd wake up and refuse to sleep unless you held him. There were many nights I would breastfeed him, hold him in my arms all night in the glider just so we could both sleep. Everything from cleaning dishes to flushing the toilet would wake him up and he just didn't have the skills to put himself back to sleep.


I was hesitant about working with you because I thought, I can read a book and just figure it out. So many people claim it’s that easy. Or alternatively they never sleep again and quite frankly it wasn't an option for us. Both my husband and I wanted and needed sleep to function.


Now, Elliott can put himself to sleep. These days he asks to be put down so he can work it out on his own. If he is startled by something he may fuss for a little while and then he puts himself back to sleep very quickly.


Elliott is also just a happier baby. We can enjoy our time together because we are all getting more sleep. Because we all get more sleep we can enjoy our time together when we are awake.


Martha is wonderful, she even made a modified version of the sleep plan for daycare and our nanny. 


I would recommend your services 100% to every parent who wants to sleep again and who wants their little one rested and happier. It's absolutely worth every penny."

~ Heather DeVine, Jackson, WY

Donovan, 2 1/2

he's better rested and his mood is better

"Since working together, Donovan now goes to sleep independently, is taking better naps, is better rested, and his mood is better. Also, I am better rested.

The frequent contact via phone and email was the best aspect about working with you. I felt confident going on vacation and then resuming our routine when we returned home. It also helped me be more structured in other ways/routines with Donovan.

Yes, I would recommend you to others because most families would benefit from your services. People should know that you've got to stick with the plan - be fully committed - for it to work. Thanks for all your help!"


~ Kate Falk, Jackson, WY

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Samantha, 19 months

It was worth every penny!

"Although I was hesitant about the price, when the program started to work it was worth every penny! It takes dedication to the plan and communication with spouse so that it can be consistent.

We have achieved nights with no wake ups! We did have a setback with ear problems, but we now have the tools to remedy the problems. My husband and I feel so much better with more sleep.We are better at work and with each other.

I liked that you made it convenient for follow-up calls and feedback. I would recommend you to any other parent who has problems with their child sleeping.

Thank you from the bottom of our previously sleep deprived hearts!"


~ Jessica Borneman, Kelly, WY

Happy Little Camper Graduate

Happy Little Camper Graduate

Waylon, 3 

affordable and very clear plan

"The unknown is always discomforting, especially in situations that will or could affect your child. However, my desire to try something new outweighed my reservations/hesitations regarding what the process entailed.


We have achieved our goal. Now my son sleeps in his room and not in our bed.


I liked your sensitivity and desire to understand how our household operates. I appreciated your willingness to be reached anytime during the three weeks included in the package. Also the follow up handouts you sent at the end of our time were helpful. I feel better knowing I have a resource I trust moving forward if anything else arises. 


I would recommend you and your services 100% because:

1) you treat each case independently of previous cases and make sure your create, individual and specific sleep plan for client based solely on the feedback and questions you had them answer on the first call or house visit

2) you are accountable and punctual

3) you provide an affordable and very clear plan

4) the plan has a timely effort for changing behavior

It was important to me to know that you have a child and you have experienced a time too where sleep was not ideal and it affected your family as a whole."


~ Sadler Stafford, Atlanta, GA

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Tucker, 5 months

I also gained feeling in control over a routine, a schedule and a balance between two kids.

"After working with you, we achieved no feeds through the night. I also gained feeling in control over a routine, a schedule and a balance between two kids. A win-win. 


Now that I have more sleep, I am a happy mom, wife and coworker and I have a happy baby.


Martha gave honest professional feedback about commitment to a program in order to see the results I so desperately wanted ... all the while, speaking with compassion, empathy & understanding.


~ Rebekah Donley, Jackson, WY

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Everett, 4 months

I would recommend you to any parent who feels their child’s sleep habits have room for improvement.

"When we first contacted you we felt overwhelmed with Everett’s sleep habits and were skeptical that a two week program would work. My biggest hesitation, however, was that the program would be too hard on Everett. 


Everett is now putting himself to sleep, usually without fuss, and consistently sleeps 4.5-7 hours at a time at night only waking 1-2 times to eat. 


I felt like you understood what we were going through and I liked that you were available to talk through email or on the phone whenever we had questions. I’ve learned a lot about what is appropriate to expect from babies in terms of sleep and I feel much more prepared to handle Everett’s sleep habits as they evolve as he gets older. It was also a great experience to be able to ask for help, receive it and not have to blindly stumble through this phase of parenthood with no clue. 


Dan and I now feel like the program was more designed to train us rather than train Everett. Everett had the skills within him the whole time (otherwise he would have protested much longer than a couple of days) and we just had to be taught a method in which we could give him the opportunity to tap into those skills. 


I would recommend you to any parent who feels their child’s sleep habits have room for improvement. I don’t understand how people can literally go years with very little sleep when there is help available."


~ Brittany Gibeau, Victor, ID

Happy Little Camper Graduate

Munro, 10 months

Why did we wait so long?!?!

"After 10 months of waking up every three hours, Dave and I had reached a new level of sleep deprivation. We were breaking all the rules, feeding, rocking, holding, anything to get our son to fall asleep.


Feeling overwhelmed with all of the sleep training options, Munro's doctor suggested we call Martha for some guidance. She helped us set a bedtime routine that was easy to follow and successfully taught Munro to fall asleep on his own. 


Why did we wait so long?!?!"

~ Carrie Smith, Jackson, WY

Anssi, 8 months

"When our second child was 8 months he fell into some habitual night waking. Since he shares a room with his sister we would leap up and nurse him back to sleep. These sleep interruptions were impacting the whole family.


Martha helped us navigate letting him cry, introducing his own self-soothing as well as troubleshooting the dynamics of sibling room sharing. The old advice of just "cry it out" was easier said than done. Martha offered a more gentle and respectful approach that supported all of our needs. 


Now the whole family is reaping the benefits of good sound sleep. A rested family is definitely a happy family."  


~ Ellie Levins Oksanen, Jackson, WY

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a more gentle and respectful approach

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